Zeal is an original and enjoyable hidden object game
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Zeal is an original hidden object game in which you play a magazine editor for a popular woman's magazine with the same name. Most of your work in the game involve cleaning up page layouts for print. The game is a combination of hidden object tasks and original mini-games. Most of the time, you will be shown a magazine layout or cover, full of objects, and many of them having nothing to do with the magazine like eggs, screwdrivers, etc. At the bottom of the screen, you will see a list of the objects you must find. You also have some hints available to help you find the objects you can't find. However, there is no timer so you can take as much time as want. There doesn't appear to to be any way to lose, but if you make too many incorrect clicks, your mouse will disappear for a few seconds. There are plenty of varied mini-games, but most of them present unclear instructions. They include “Color Shifts,” “Dyes,” "Quick Scan", among others. Another flaw of the game, is that it is short since you finish the entire game in two hours if you want. The graphics and sound effects are great.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Original mini-games. Great graphics and sound effects


  • Too short. Very simple storyline. Text dialog speed is set too fast to read
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